Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower | Tips on buying the best riding mower

While choosing a riding lawn mower what features are significant to you? The best mower for lawn depends on several things. For example, the size of the lawn, the number of obstacles likes benches, fountains, flower beds etc. A highly maneuverable Husqvarna riding lawn mower could be the best choice if you have a large lawn with uneven grass & many obstacles.

A riding lawn mower that can deal with wet grass, slopes, and obstacles is the Husqvarna riding lawn mower. Also, it may be just what you are looking for your large lawns. Also, it is perfect for finely dices the cuttings to give better lawn fertilizer.

According to the gardeners’ thoughts, the Husqvarna Rider is one of the best selling & well-built lawn mowers for large uneven lawns. It is made to be highly maneuverable.

If you have already familiarized with Husqvarna and are thinking of opting for this lawnmower, we offer you here our study of the best options in the market for quality, price and availability. Let’s review the top 10 best Husqvarna riding lawn mower.

So are you familiar with Husqvarna and are thinking of buying this lawnmower? If so, then you will find here a study of the best choices out on the market for price, quality and availability.

Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower

Note: A Husqvarna lawn machine is designed by a company that is known above all for its innovative power. It is one of the most experienced brands of garden technology with nearly 100 years of history.

Top 10 best Husqvarna riding lawn mower review:

If you feel confused to choose the best riding lawn mower by Husqvarna, then you can rely on our study about the list of 10 best Husqvarna riding mowers. Here is the list of Husqvarna lawn mower and its review. Let’s discuss the top 10 best Husqvarna riding lawn mower review.

1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Turn Riding Mower review:

Editor’s choice: The Husqvarna Z254 Riding Mower takes the first position in our review list. It could be the best choice for those who are looking for unmatched maneuverability & speed for mowing medium and large size lawns. Also, it is a rear-wheel-drive mower that gives unique attention. Overall it could be worth investment for the lawn owners.

Highlighted features:

The z254 Husqvarna mower allows you to mow so close to the objects. In this z254 Husqvarna zero turn mower review, we will try to reveal why it could be your best choice. Let’s see the top features of this unit.

One of the match-winning features of this mower that makes it the leading unit out on the competitions is the zero-turn radius power. This feature also makes this unit a high efficient lawnmower to the users.

Another significant feature of this unit is the robust fan which is a game-changer. Thus this mower becomes a high performing tool for better grass cutting. It brings the air to the end of the deck for making sure a superior job done.

It features a Briggs & Stratton V-twin lasting engine. It is a 24hp engine which features an air filtration technology. This technology increases the airflow and prolongs the mower’s life. The steel made a cutting deck of this mower makes it highly durable. It allows the blade to work well without any hassle.


prosEasy to use and fun

prosStainless steel cutting deck

prosMaximum speed is up to 6.5 MPH

prosHydrostatic zero turn riding mower

prosAutomatically moved inward & outward

prosPatent-pending park brake technology

pros26 HP Kohler Briggs & Stratton engine

prosClippings: discharged, bagged or mulched

prosAir filtration mowing technology draws air

prosImproving grass and offering excellent cut


consNeeds constantly maintenance

consCan’t trim grass horizontally on a slope


The z254 Husqvarna mower is easy to assemble and fast working mower. I don’t think it could be a wrong purchase if you are on the market for a zero-turn riding mower.

2. Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower review:

Editor’s choice: The Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower is the second choice in this review list. The exceptional durability & functionality of this unit makes it standalone to any other zero-turn mowers in the market. Though it is an entry-level mower, the quality build makes it a commercial grade.

Highlighted features:

And the 24 HP Kawasaki engine means you’ll have plenty of power when you need it— season after season. The Husqvarna MZ61 offers its users a higher-level of Performance. The cutting deck (61 in) of this unit is large enough that makes it a commercial grade.

It could be the best mower for those who are looking for a quality cut. Also, it is ideal for managing residential or small professional lawn maintenance. The zero-turn feature of this unit ensures an excellent turn in tight areas. Nevertheless, this feature also offers secure handling while tuning.

The roll-over defend-system, durable steel frame and commercial hydraulics make the ultimate mowing experience. Also, the comfortable seat and large wheels help you to have a smooth riding experience. The large chassis of this mower which gives you a great ride on any terrain.


prosDurable steel cutting deck

pros24 HP engine offers high speed

prosRoll-over protection technology

prosHydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

pros9-bushel triple bag gathering system

prosFoam-padded hand for comfortable mowing

prosDischarged, bagged or mulched clippings

prosEnsures secure cutting in different areas

prosEasy deck lifting system for fast adjustment


consTricky on hilly areas

consThis riding mower is a little big


Finally, the Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower could use the great unit at a reasonable cost. Also, it could be perfect for a beginner level person or the lawn owner with a large yard.

3. Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP Yard Tractor review:

Editor’s choice: The Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP Yard Tractor could be the best solution for mowing your large lawn. It has an excellent traction power to defeat the steeper hills. It is commonly known as the topnotch garden tractor out in the market that can deal with any cutting task you have in mind.

Highlighted features:

If you want to have an excellent performance with superior results, then you would go for the Husqvarna yard tractors. The compact size of this unit makes it easy to maneuver. It needs less area for storage.

The adjustable seat, fender-mounted cutting height adjustment and user-friendly steering wheel are the matches winning features of this mower.

These features help you to operate this device easily and comfortably. Also, the hydrostatic transmissions technology of this mower ensures smooth and variable speed (both forward and reverse).

Another feature of this unit that makes it a leading mowing device out on the game is the air Induction mowing technology. It ensures the increased airflow in the deck, smooth cut and easy clean & maintenance. Besides, a range of towable things & mulch tools ensures the versatility of this device. These are effective and helpful for lawn fertilization.


pros24 HP engine for cruise control

prosElectric blade ensures fine cut

prosAir induction mowing technology

prosBriggs and Stratton V-Twin engine

prosQuick hydrostatic pedal conveyance

pros48-Inch cutting deck for a smooth cut

prosIdeal for effective lawn fertilization

pros24 HP yard tractor for extensive lawn mowing


consIt might have an issue with reverse peddle

consHeight adjustment power could fall the user


Overall, Husqvarna yard tractor has a lot going for it. It could be the best option for those who have a flat piece of land. Excellent and very substantial. Recommended.

4. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower review:

If you are looking for the best lawn mowing machine that can make your yard work more accessible, the Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower could be the right choice.

It is a zero-turn riding mower which works better for the semi-commercial job. It has excellent fame for its productivity, comfort and high Performance that takes this device to a new level.

Also, the durable steel frame, direct operator interface and commercial-grade hydraulic system are the high performing features of this mower. All these features ensure the final mowing experience.

The 9-bushel three-way bag collection technology develops the versatility and productivity of this mower. One of the stable features of this mower is its heavy-duty steel deck that can mulch and collect the grass.

The MZ61 riding mower has excellent fame for doing property maintenance. Another two most significant features of this unit are a high back seat with armrests & well-designed steering levers. These are significant to provide you with a comfortable ride for long since.


prosFoam-padded hand grips

prosEasy to use and maintenance

prosZero-turn riding lawn mower

pros11-gauge steel cutting deck

prosHigh-back seat with armrests

prosProvides accurate maneuvering

prosStrong startups and high speed

pros27 HP commercial-grade power mower

prosBriggs & Stratton Hydrostatic engine

prosFast and easy to the adjustment unit

pros9-bushel three-way bag collection system


consIt is a little costly

consDoesn’t have deal breakers


When it comes to a mower with power and efficiency during operation, the Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower couldn’t be a wrong choice. So far, so good.

5. Husqvarna Z254F 26HP 747cc Z-Turn 54″ Mower review:

The Husqvarna Z254F mower comes with an excellent combination of style & Performance. The 26 HP Kohler engine offers you a sturdy startup.

The 6.5 MPH speed of this machine makes it fast working device. Also, it is known as the fastest zero-turn mower out on the competitions nowadays. One of the best features of this unit is its more enormous cutting deck.

The 54″ deck is ideal for cutting large lawn areas. It is indeed a practical unit with plenty of innovative features, including a cutting-edge system. Another topnotch feature of this device is its patent-pending park brake technology.

Throughout this technology, deactivates or activates as the steering pulls are moved inward or outward automatically. The Husqvarna Z254F mower is easy to use and maintain that makes it customer friendly.

Also, the steady power output, excellent durability and quieter operating power make it a precise device for the season after season.


prosFAB 3-blade mower deck

pros54″ Z-turn riding lawn mower

prosEasy to maintain a lawnmower

prosEasy to assemble mowing unit

prosElectric clutch deck engagement

prosExcellent combination of Performance & style

pros26HP 747cc Kohler engine (7000 Series V-Twin)


consDon’t have sharp angles

consNeeds extra maintenance


If you want a lawnmower for your yard maintenance that ensures high efficiency & durability, then you could go for the Husqvarna Z254F 26HP 747cc Z-Turn 54″ Mower.

6. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V 48″/Twin Pedal Tractor Mower review:

If you have a large-sized lawn or yard in hilly areas or you are on the market for a reliable entry-level mower with a decent size, choosing the Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Tractor could be the right choice. It is an easy to start lawn mower that runs very well.

The top feature of this unit is the neat & professional looking cut that makes it favourite to the users. The Husqvarna YTA24V48 is designed with 13 gauge steel deck that ensures superior Performance with quality trim.

Also, it features a pedal-controlled quick auto transmission system. The air induction mowing technology is another quality feature that makes it Top-Notch.

This technology helps to draw the air from top to bottom of the deck. Also, it improves the grass lift and offering an excellent cut. The choke less start system makes it user-friendly. You need to turn the key & go.


pros48″/twin pedal tractor mower

prosChokeless start system makes it user-friendly

prosAir induction mowing technology ensures even cut

prosTrailers, brushes, snow blades make it versatile

prosThe maintenance-free operation makes it versatile

prosFast & auto transmission system offers excellent cut

prosEasy fender mounted deck lever ensures smooth operation


consIt needs more power to cut

consDoesn’t work well on hilly areas


Overall, considering all these features in mind, you would love this lawn mower. You will find all the essential accessories you need in a mower for precise cutting.

7. Husqvarna MZ54F 54 in Zero Turn Riding Mower review:

The Husqvarna MZ54F 54″ mower could be an excellent choice for those who want to discover a mower that has a premium level of Performance. It is a zero-turn riding mower that offers you a smooth cut.

The 54″ ClearCut cutting deck is the topnotch features of this device. It helps you to enjoy a smooth cut that makes it ideal for residential or light professional lawn care.

The heavy-duty steel frame makes this unit durable. The hydro-gear transmission technology makes it superior to the user who wants ultimate mowing performance.

Also, it features a very comfortable seat and large wheels that make the ride smooth. There is a large chassis that helps it to ride on any terrain.

The Husqvarna MZ54F riding mower has a great fame for its 24 HP Kawasaki engine. It offers enough power during operation for long since.


prosPatent-pending park brake system

prosRiding lawn mower with high speed

prosThe ClearCut deck offers 54 in cut

prosDeep deck design & excellent airflow

prosHigh performing blade for a smooth cut

pros9-bushel triple bag collection technology

pros24 HP Kawasaki engine provides enough power

prosActivate or deactivate the steering lever automatically


consLittle costly to buy

consDoesn’t have a gas gauge


Overall, you would be happy with this buying. If you have a large area of lawn and you want to have a reliable mower, we recommend you could try this Husqvarna MZ54F riding mower.

8. Husqvarna YTH22V46 22 HP Hydro Pedal Yard Tractor review:

The Husqvarna YTH22V46 is another leading Hydro Pedal Yard Tractor in this guide. The powerful engine and high performing cutting deck make this mower best selling device out there.

Also, the air induction technology gives it a professional value to the users. The Husqvarna YTH22V46 as fender-mounted cutting height change, user-friendly steering wheel and easy to adjust the seat.

All these features make this mower comfortable and easy to operate. The hydrostatic transmissions technology ensures smooth and different forward & backward speed.

Also, the air induction mowing technology increases the airflow within the deck. So you can enjoy a clean and consistent cut in operation.

Besides, the mulch kit & towable accessories make this device versatile. Due to the towable accessories, you can use it for all seasons (leaves or snow).

In conclusion, it could be the best choice for those who want a compact mower with high power and a smooth driving.


prosEasy to use and maintain

prosIdeal for cruise control

pros22 HP hydro pedal yard tractor

prosBriggs & Stratton engine (Intek V-Twin)

prosHydrostatic pedal transmission technology

prosMulch kit ensures adequate lawn fertilization

prosThe 46-Inch cutting deck provides a smooth cut

pros15″ high back seat ensures a comfortable ride


consIt is not super durable

consIt is a midsized yard mower


Overall it is so far, so good. Though you are not professional with riding mower, you can drive this one quickly and effectively.

9. Husqvarna Z254F 23 HP Kawasaki Riding Mower review:

The Husqvarna Z254F has an excellent popularity for its stylish and powerful zero-turn mowing facility. Also, the easy to use mowing style takes this mower to the next level of lawn maintenance. Let’s dive into the overall features of this unit below.

The Husqvarna Z254F Riding Mower comes with a 23 HP Kawasaki engine. So you can get a reliable startup and a superior speed (up to 6.5 MPH). Also, the Kawasaki engine of this mower is quieter than any other engine out on the market.

The hydrostatic transmission technology makes this unit ideal for different cutting conditions. It features a ClearCut deck that provides you 54″ cut. The deep deck design ensures better bagging. Besides these, it offers excellent airflow & superior blades.

You can achieve a safe and natural mowing experience due to the user-friendly control panel & anti-sleep foot area. There is a steering lever for parking the mower while not in use at the end of the day.


prosErgonomic control panel

pros54 in Zero-turn riding mower

prosDeep deck design for better bagging

prosAnti-slip foot area & comfortable seat

pros23 HP Kawasaki engine ensures extra power

prosAccessible to use with quality construction

prosEffortless startups and high speed (up to 6.5 MPH)

prosHydrostatic transmission for different cutting needs


consNeeds to improve the durability

consThis model doesn’t have any light


The Husqvarna Z254F 23 HP Kawasaki Riding Mower could be a wise decision for those who want to have an exceptional mowing device for the money. Well worth the money.

10. Husqvarna Z248F 21.5 HP Riding Mower review:

The Husqvarna Z248F 21.5 HP Riding Mower is the final choice in this review guide. You can use it for getting faster, more efficient and powerful cutting performance. Also, it is one of the topnotch mowers for working on rough terrain. Let’s see the best selling features of this Riding Mower.

The Husqvarna Z248F Riding Mower comes with a 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine. The 21.5 HP engine is ideal for offering commercial-grade power with safe startups. Also, the lightweight design of this engine ensures a smooth power output with improved fuel saving.

The Husqvarna Z248F features a hydrostatic transmission system. It provides enough power and torque without any maintenance. Thus you can enjoy a hassle-free Performance on hills. It features a convenient cutting deck with steel construction.

It ensures maximum power and durability while you are on the operation. The cutting deck also comes with ClearCut technology which is fabricated for high-class airflow around the top & bottom of the deck.

Therefore it allows you to enjoy a professional grass cutting performance. The user-friendly control panel and anti-slip foot area also ensure a safe and secure mowing in any conditions. The steering levers of this unit allow you to park the mower at the end of the muse. So you could go for the Husqvarna Z248F 21.5 HP Riding Mower if you want to experience superior grass-cutting Performance.


prosHigh-performance blades

prosComfortable seat for easy riding

prosHydrostatic zero turn riding mower

prosAnti-slip foot area for a safe cut

prosDeep deck design for better bagging

pros21.5 HP Kawasaki engine for max speed

prosErgonomic control panel for better control

prosClearCut deck technology ensures 48 inches cut

prosSuperior airflow from top to bottom of the deck

prosTree way Clippings: Discharged, bagged or mulched

prosHydrostatic transmission technology for different cutting


consDoes not cut the grass evenly

consThe seat needs to be improved


Despite its drawbacks on Amazon, we would like to recommend the Husqvarna Z248F mower to the lawn owners. We hope that while you try it for you and see what it can do, you would be highly impressed as we became with it. In truth, we think it might be the top zero-turn riding mowers out on the market

Conclusion :

The Husqvarna riding lawn mower is well built and very maneuverable. This will make your mowing performance very easy even you have a large and uneven lawn with obstacles and slopes.

The mulching power is an excellent addition of this mower that takes it to the next level. Its durable construction & long life will make it a superb mower to have in the future as a secondhand bargain.

We hope all the riding lawn mowers mentioned above by Husqvarna will fulfill your needs. Each of the mowers by Husqvarna is well researched and experienced by our professionals. So you can go for anyone of this Husqvarna riding lawn machine. Happy lawn mowing!