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Top 10 Used Riding Lawn Mowers That Are Available Under $500

If you’re looking for a riding lawn mower then this is the appropriate place for you. You might have seen the ads like ‘used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500’ and feel a bit attraction to buy them. You can be thinking to avoid buying a new riding lawn mower because you know a new machine is very expensive.

But, owning a perfect lawn mower largely depends on many things. For example, if you have a large yard, you have lots of tasks to do. So, you should consider buying a high performing one that allows you to do a large number of tasks without making any trouble.

This is why buying a lawn mower is a bit trickier than buying the new one. It’s because of the many more things related to this concern. But, don’t worry; we’re here to help you all the way.

Below are some top models of lawn mowers that will give a good idea about popular brands. And then we have added a buying guide, which is also very essential in this case.

Top 10 Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

1. GreenWorks 2532240V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower:

Buying this cordless battery-powered lawn mower means you’re free of the hassle of noise, fumes, or maintenance. Being battery-operated, it’s not just user-friendly, it’s reliable as well. If you have a small or medium-size yard then this is a great and suitable tool for you.

The using comes with 5 different cutting height positions, a 16-inch large cutting deck, and double feature in a single tool. As a result, this is an ideal lawnmower for you if you’re in search of the ways to trim your yard down in the perfect way. You’re safe from messing with fumes or gas. Also, you don’t need to pull any cord to start.

You just need to effort a simple push of its power button and you’re all set to mowing your yard. When you’ll complete the task within 45 minutes of its runtime, it’ll handle fold easily down. That means it doesn’t have any more excuses without going with the green of cleaning.


prosLong durable Li-Ion battery

pros5 different cutting height positions

prosNice to cut the most types of grasses

prosGreat for small and medium-sized yards

prosLarge rear wheel for effortless maneuvering


consThe issue with cutting thicker grass


2. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH 140cc B&S Walk-Behind Mower:

A Two-in-one mowing system of the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH comes with some stunning features. The machine has a gross torque of 5 ft-lb and 140cc B&S engines. These features ensure you lots of mowing power and simply reliable starting. Its side discharge plus mulching deck provides an organized and healthy lawn.

With a 140cc strong engine, the tool is very fuel-efficient as well as lightweight. As a result, it’s simple to maneuver. Since 1944, the manufacturer is providing riding models with reliability, power, and performance. Accordingly, the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is the best model in the series of the riding lawn mower.

Another great thing about the lawn mower is that it has a 20HP strong Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine. It ensures you ready to start with an auto-drive transmitter of fast pedal control. That’s why the machine is as powerful as amazingly smooth to work on the grass. Also, it has a larger 21-inch cutting deck enables you to get wider passes on the lawn.


prosAdjustable cutting height

prosRear wheels for easy rolling

prosSteel made cutting deck material

prosStrong dependable B & S engine

prosCompact and lightweight package


consUser’s complained about oil leaking


3. Sun Joe MJ408E PRO 13.5AH Electric Lawn Mower & Mulcher 20-Inch:

It’s time to say goodbye to oil and gas along with harmful fumes, corded start, and highly-priced tune-ups. With a 13.5AH engine, the Sun Joe MJ408E PRO delivers a nice cutting edge. The tool can cut grass in a small and medium-sized yard effortlessly. Also, it’s user-friendly and good for the environment because of its zero percent carbon emissions.

Besides, the device comes with an instant startup and it’s as reliable as simple to work with. You’ll be able to use the machine for several seasons without making any major maintenance. It just needs to plug in and goes with Joe to accomplish your mowing tasks. It’ll offer you a fresh new lawn without sweating you too much, unlike many other common models.

The MJ408E PRO delivers a powerful output like the gas-powered engine unlike used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500. It offers a steel-made durable cutting blade that can cut a path of 20-inch wider. Also, it cuts accurately with each pass with its convenient 7 different height adjustment positions for the highest control.


prosNo use of oil, gas, and oil

prosFree of maintenance hassle

prosDurable deck with a powerful motor

prosThe larger capacity of the collection bag

prosPerfect for the small and medium-sized lawns


consNot suitable for the big lawns


4. GreenWorks 12 Amp 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower 25022:

Another entry from the GreenWorks, the 25022 is a great lawn mower. It has ample power with a 12-gauge long heavy-duty extension cord. It goes slow when it comes to the taller grass and ensures to dry after watering or rain. As it’s convenient and easy to operate, an old person can operate the tool without feeling weightiness.

You should be attentive about the unit while moving away and don’t need to start by pulling the system. Instead, it comes with easy to push button and simply go off with pulling the handle lever above. So, no worries when it’s a jiffy lawn because the device lets you mow and you’ll get back the beauty of your lawn.

Among the stunning features, the attractive ones are many to describe. These include a 20-inch large steel deck, 12-amp powerful motor, and a tool that has 3 functionalities in one. Besides, it cuts precisely with every pass by its convenient 7 adjustable different height positions to perform the cutting task easily.


prosLarger cutting width

prosIncluded LED headlights

prosLong-lasting Li-Ion battery

prosBrushless powerful motor

prosUser-friendly steel telescoping


consIssues with deck belt


5. The great States 815-18 5-Blade 18-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower:

As its name suggests, the Great States is a nice mower with a five 18-inch Blade. You don’t need any fuel, but you’ll get a precise, clean, and cut like a scissor. This lawn mower will help you to skip the gas, oil, and fumes. And of course, it’ll also keep you away from the noise and annoying cords. So, while using this unit, you’re free of these stressful issues.

It has blades for smooth spinning, wheels for an easy roiling, and flexible height adjustment. These features deliver you the exact look that you want your lawn should be. This reel lawn mower could be your first choice with zero emissions of carbon and a quiet operating system. It works without ripping and tearing that offers precisely clean cuts.

Another feature that provides you a great advantage is it has no hassle of maintenance. Instead of coming with the pull cord, it has easy to start button. Thus, the machine is not just effortless, it also always ready to offer you the best when you need it. Every time, it cuts when you push.


prosLightweight package

prosMultifunctional device

prosTrouble-free pull starting

prosAdjustable and flexible height

prosPowered by a strong gas engine


consLeaking issue of the engine


6. Husqvarna LC121P 163cc Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower:

Husqvarna is a well-known manufacturer of landscaping tools and the LC121P is also a great product of the company. Also, you’ll get plenty of truly great features if you buy this mower. It has a 21-inch large blade is ready to cut down your lawn and yard grasses. Also, this is a perfect choice for you in many more aspects.

The LC121P is one of the best used lawn mowers from Husqvarna that has a 163cc powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. It’s because when a machine is very big, it needs a powerful engine and this lawn mower meets that needs. Moreover, it has 9 different height adjustable positions that let you get the correct height for cutting the grass of your lawn easily.

You’ll find 11-inch diameter rear wheels with the sealed ball and bearing. As a result, you’ll get it effortless to push over to cut the grass of small and medium-sized lawn and yard. It’ll allow you to finish its lower paddock right away at an affordable cost. But, it’s in a great price range like used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500.


pros4-year long tool warranty

prosSteel made durable decking

prosMulti-functional lawnmower

prosPowerful motor for higher performance

prosManual drive system with push to start button


consA bit of bumpy ride


7. American Lawn Mower Company’s 1415-16 5-Blade 16-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower:

If you’re looking for lawn mowing tasks simple and efficient, 1415-16 from the American Lawn Mower Company is the right choice for you. This reel mower is trouble-free to assemble and importantly it allows keeping your yard looking clean.

As it comes with a comfortable handle, you’ll be able to move it with ease. Moreover, it could be your eventual choice because of its zero emissions and quiet operation. This is a manpower running mower that helps you to save valuable fuels like oil, gas, and electricity. At the same time, it eliminates air pollution and annoying noise.

When it comes to the features, you’ll get many attractive ones. These include a 16-inch cutting width 10-inch composite wheels and a sharp 5-blade reel. You’ll get an adjustable and flexible cutting height that will offer you a clean-cut like a scissor. Also, the blades have made with high-quality alloy with heat-treated that keeps them sharp for a long time.


prosFlexible cutting height for every time cut

prosLarge cutting width with composite wheels

prosHigh-quality blades offer scissor-like cuts

prosHandle of loop-style with covered grip

prosLightweight design and easy to operate


consCheap headlights


8. PowerSmart DB2321P Black and red Lawn Mower:

Better for a small lawn, the PowerSmart DB2321P is a compact lawn mowing device with a 161cc powerful gas-fueled engine. You can operate it in some tight spaces and it has features of 3 different cutting systems. It means that this is a multi-tasking unit that comes with the option of mulching capability, side discharge, and a collection bag.

Apart from being a better mulcher, which is effortless to operate and weighs only 63 lbs. also, it has a durable steel-made deck that can cut up to 21-inch width. It meets your different needs with adjustable height and swath. The unit helps you to cut, clip, and trim grass in a faster way. You’ll get a nice back cushioning system for additional support.

Besides, the lawn mower works better than many other expensive mowers in this price range. This is one of the plain used riding lawn mowers that don’t have any fancy gimmicks. Another good thing about the mower is that you can clean it easily and it’s easy to start as well.


prosStrong and larger blade size

prosFlexible height adjustment

prosPowerful Briggs & Stratton engine

prosEasy to store with foldable handle

prosSmooth rollover with nice rear wheels


consA bit heavier


9. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 60362S 62-Volt 21-Inch Cordless Lawn mower:

This powerful lawn mower comes with two 62 volt Lithium-Ion batteries of 4.0Ah and 2.5Ah. That means you don’t need oil, gas, or electricity and the mower starts easily every time. Also, it provides a gas-like output with a highly dominating brushless motor that increases the runtime and efficiency of the engine.

Besides, it’s a self-propelled mower meaning you can control it in different ways by setting the required speed. You’ll find the LED headlights that will help you to continue mowing any time in a day. Its telescopic handles make things much easier in terms of user-friendliness with the faster fold capacity when you store.

The 60362S is an incredibly handy lawn mower with its long-lasting battery. Also, there is an indicator for the battery level on the panel with plastic made and easy handling high-quality grass catcher.


prosHigh-quality alloy blades

prosEasy to grip handle with cushion

prosEasy upkeep with low maintenance

prosLarge cutting with composite wheels

prosAdjustable and flexible cutting height


consNot appropriate for big yard or lawn


10. PowerSmart DB2321S Lawn Mower, Black and red:

This compact and powerful lawn mower is ideal for small and medium-sized yards. The PowerSmart DB2321S is a gas-fueled mower with a 161cc dominating gas engine, which is easy to work with. It means that you can operate it in very tight spaces with three cutting features.

The DB2321S comes in a drive mode with rear-wheel that’s powerful, smart, and highly efficient. As a result, you can use it easily in the rough and uneven terrain. Also, it offers you better mulching with a solid and sharp blade with its design of dome deck.

There is a heavyweight steel made deck that can cut up to 21-inch width space. Thus it can meet your grass cutting need to make your lawn and yard beautiful with an adjustable and flexible height. While mowing away and don’t need to start by pulling the system, you should be attentive about the unit.


prosGives necessary stability

prosPotent to manage in hard terrains

prosPowerful engine & Compact design

prosTrouble-free starting button with smooth operation


consUser complains about its start button


Things To Consider Before You Buy The Best Riding Lawn Mowers

It’s also essential to know about the factors influencing the productivities of the used riding lawn mowers. That means you should dig and sort out things to make sure that you’re on the right track in terms of choosing the right lawn mower based on your needs. This is because we’re sharing some considerable factors that you should think about before choosing one of the lawn mowers out there.

Engine HP:

The unit of the engine measured in Horsepower, HP. It ensures the power of different parts of the lawn mower like cutting blades and drive transmission.

It’s simple to understand that if you choose a higher HP for your engine, it’ll be able to provide more energy to give a great performance. This is why engine HP is a very important thing to consider before buying a lawn mower. Usually, an engine with 20HP can do a good job for you.

Cut Width:

The width of cutting blades decides how long grass they can cut. A smaller and compact mower can have a cutting width of 30-inch while a larger one may have up to 50-inch or more.

But, you should consider what your yard size is. A large yard is easy to work with a smaller cutting blade and a massive one needs a larger size, simple!

More Things To Consider:

Apart from the above said two things, there are some more things to consider. These include fuel capacity, transmission, and check some online reviews of the product you’re going to buy.


By now you know many things about the best riding lawn mowers along with a short buying guide. Also, you have been educated about some top brands and models of high-quality and durable lawn mowers.

You might have noted that each of the products is a bit unique than others, unlike the used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500. So, you should go with your budget and needs. That’s why you should choose the unit that will come with a combination of these two things then you’re all set in simple.